About us

We could tell you all about our passion for water, the work we do, but this is not easy to explain. Instead of that we would like to tell you how much joy and satisfaction we get from our profession. Every order we get is a new challenge. Every now and then it is about an order in which we clean water for a township or region in the Netherlands, with the help or our suppliers and partners TrojanUV, Salsnes and Aquafine. But we also try to make Réunion Island safer with the help of our UV systems, by reducing the shark population around the island. And also in Uganda we make the water much cleaner and safer with the help of our installations.

Not only do we have passion for water, but also passion for improving lives. We invest all of our time, passion and energy into our products and services, in order to make the water cleaner and safer. To us there is no better motivation than that.